The Farm and its cattle


Family run Meadow Court Farm was established in 1970. The 700 vergee farm is run by the Watts family, who have a real commitment to producing quality produce in the heart of the community. Our main production is milk, beef and Cheese, as well as feed, and bedding, horse livery, meat butchering and retailing.


The Watts family are proud of their 130 strong herd of the world-renowned Guernsey cow and offer visits to various groups including charities, schools and other interested parties. The Farm isn’t short on customers supplying local restaurants and the general public, as well as selling their produce at a weekly Farmer’s Market.


The cattle have a good life grazing on fresh grass and sleeping on straw beds and this reflects in the quality of the meat. The islands’ farms are a valuable source of high quality meat and dairy produce. But, just as importantly, they are a living link with the traditional rhythms of life. Don’t be surprised to find yourself stuck behind a herd of Guernsey cows, as they make their way home for milking.


The Guernsey Cow is the island’s greatest ambassador: the Golden Guernsey is renowned across the globe as a leading specialist dairy breed. The Guernsey cow produces unique golden coloured milk, high in protein, butterfat and beta-carotene, which may reduce the risk of certain cancers. Research reveals that the Guernsey cow is a milk-producing marvel: this easy tempered beast lives longer than most other breeds, has the lowest incidence of calving difficulties, is popular for cross breeding and her milk and cheese quality is second to none.


The Guernsey cow of today is thought to have originated from crossing native black European wild cattle with larger Roman cows from the south and mixing them with high milk yielding animals brought to France by Norse invaders.

The late 18th century saw an end to the long war with France. This curtailed Guernsey’s lucrative privateering ‘industry’, which forced countless locals to find new ways of making a living. Many turned to dairy farming and some went on to emigrate – taking their animals with them - to the United States of America, where the Guernsey breed thrives today. Farmers across Europe, the Americas, Africa, Australia and Asia are now well aware of the competitive advantages of the adaptable and profitable ‘Guernsey’.

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